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Dr. Sally Brown

  • About Dr. Sally

    Dr. Sally Brown graduated from National University of Health Sciences and has been treating Racine, WI for the past 22 years.

She continues to further her knowledge and share the latest methods and treatments she’s learned over the years. Dr. Sally has studied pediatrics making her a well-rounded provider. She see’s a wide array of patients starting at birth and loves to implement family wellness into the lives of the community. She is avid that “knowledge is power” and lectures many classes on wellness, nutrition, vaccines, and more throughout the year.

  • Some fun bits on Dr. Sally!

    Dr. Sally loves being a grandma and spending time with family. She enjoys cooking and going on walks along Lake Michigan.

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Dr. Tera Pfarr

  • About Dr. Tera

    Dr. Tera Pfarr is a 2013 graduate from University of Western States (Portland, OR). She was inspired to become a chiropractor by her mother (Dr. Sally) and is excited to be a part of the family practice.

Tera also is a new mother and was blessed to have Dr. Sally at the birth implementing chiropractic techniques throughout the labor. She brings a fresh energy to the clinic and lectures classes on wellness, nutrition, vaccines, and more alongside Dr. Sally. She is passionate and caring towards her patients and loves watching the healing power of chiropractic change peoples lives.

  • Some fun bits about Dr. Tera

    Dr. Tera loves to travel and go on hikes with her son. She is a world traveler and has visited over eight different countries.

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