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Brown Family Chiropractic Expands Practice Amidst Recent Office Move

(Racine, WI)—Brown Family Chiropractic is pleased to announce the expansion of their practice. The clinic has moved to a new convenient office location on the lower level at 6232 Bankers Road in Racine. In addition, Brown Family Chiropractic team is coupling this move with the launch of a unique collaboration with other health professionals, including Byron Health and Healing and the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine, in order to create a place of integrated healing and wellness.

“We could not be more excited about all the moves our clinic has made in recent months,” said Dr. Tera Pfarr, the experienced Chiropractor in Racine at the helm of Brown Family Chiropractic. “This is about so much more than just having additional space or a more convenient location for our practice. It’s about ensuring our clients have access to an integrated set of services, tools, and resources which will help them get rid of their pain, achieve optimal health, and begin flourishing in their daily lives.”

In addition to relieving general aches and pains and chronic conditions through whole-body chiropractic care for the entire family, Brown Family Chiropractic’s collaborations allow them to offer nutrition counseling and online classes to help clients get to the root of their issue and transform their lives. At their website, Brown Family Chiropractic has launched an online store which enables clients to conveniently order high-quality vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and other products to help them maintain their wellness.

Dr. Pfarr went on to say, “What we seek to offer is more than just pain relief. It’s multifaceted healing that positively affects every area of the body and can treat a broad range of ailments and conditions. We are pleased to be a unique resource in the Racine area and look forward to helping our patients learn to live their very best lives.”

Visit brownfamily-dc.com to learn more about Brown Family Chiropractic and discover their newly-expanded suite of integrated healing and wellness services.

About Brown Family Chiropractic:

The team at Brown Family Chiropractic believes in whole body wellness and gladly treat any age and occupation from newborns to geriatrics; general aches and pains to chronic conditions. Collaborating with other wellness professionals to create a place for integrated healing, Brown Family Chiropractic offers nutritional counseling, online classes and learning opportunities, and even an online shop full of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils.

Media Contact:

Dr. Tera Pfarr
Racine, WI 53403
Telephone: (262) 598-0918
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://brownfamily-dc.com/

February 21, 2019

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