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How to Naturally Boost your Immune System and Fight a Cold

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Hello lovely people!

Families with young children know winter is often known as “Cold & Flu Season”. But why is that?

• Why do we always seem to get more sick during the winter months?
• And how can we boost our immune system to stave off a cold?
• Or what can we do to naturally boost our health so our body can fight off the virus of the common cold?

1. Well, as a chiropractor, one of my first tips is to get a chiropractic adjustment. It is proven that a neck and mid-thoracic adjustment will boost your immune response. Often, people have tension and stress built up before or while becoming sick – stress even makes you more prone to being sick! Not only will the adjustment help relieve that stress, but it will open your pathways, release impinged nerves, put muscles back in balance and can even allow your sinuses to drain if you have congestion.

2: Increase your dose of Vitamin D3 every day. Vitamin D is produced by our body in reaction to sun exposure and is one of THE most important Vitamins D to fight off viruses. Well, when there are fewer daylight hours and we spend more time indoors (not in the cold), we all develop a lack of Vitamin D in our bodies. This decrease in Vitamin D production is directly related to the increase in getting the cold or flu.

3. IgG Supplements – Most of the antibodies in the blood and the fluid that surround the tissues and cells of the body are of the IgG immune response and protects against bacterial and viral infections. The IgG Protect Supplement that we recommend from Ortho-Molecular, is from the colostrum of cows which is the “first milk” for its babies to provide humoral immunity before the baby’s own immune system develops.

4. Turmeric is long known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s even said that the “Gold” that the wise men brought Mary after her birth was actually Turmeric – something that any mother would need after the trauma of delivery! We offer Tumero which is a tasty and an easy to give to young children.

5. Boost your health through your gut by taking a quality probiotic. All the nutrition that your body survives off of is the food that is digesting in your intestines. If you don’t have a healthy biome of good bacteria, your gut can’t properly extract, convert and distribute quality nutrients to your body.

5. Take a high-quality multi-vitamin. High doses of Vitamin C is recommended also, to kill a virus. Zinc is also beneficial, but be cautious when taking it for more than a few days.

6. Rest, take a hot bath, eat healthily, avoid alcohol and junk food, and try to relax. Even 50g of sugar consumption suppresses them the immune system for the next 5 hrs. Give your body a chance to recover.

7. You can use essential oils like Eucalyptus, Breathe from Doterra, or Siberian Fir Oil to open up the breathing pathways.

As always, if you have had a high fever 102-104 degrees or an emergency, do not hesitate to visit a medical provider to make sure there are no other issues.

Dr. Tera Pfarr


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