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Cran-Max 30ct.

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Full-spectrum cranberry extract in a highly advanced, proprietary delivery system capsule designed to support urinary tract health with just one capsule per day.

Native to North America, the cranberry has a long history of medicinal use. Recently, it has been demonstrated to promote urinary tract health and provide antioxidant support.

Our Cran-Max Cranberry is produced from pure cranberry fiber, infused with cranberry extract. Through a proprietary process, the natural beneficial constituents of the whole cranberry are intensified and enhanced, making a single capsule more beneficial than 10 oz. of cranberry juice.


Each vegetarian capsule contains:
Cranberry fruit extract (vaccinium macrocarpon) 500 mg
(As patented Cran-Max™ infused whole cranberry extract)

• Made from finest quality cranberry fruit
• Advanced herbal delivery system™ Cran-Max™ processing provides a superior product:
o Cranberry is concentrated and then put back into fibrous material (marc) in a
proprietary, patent-pending low-heat, solvent-free, non-enzymatic process which
results in broader range and better concentrations of important cranberry
• Three times greater antioxidant activity compared to cranberry juice
o 15% more of the dimer and trimer forms of proanthocyanidins (in the family of
condensed tannins which are highly bioactive in supporting urinary tract health)
o 25% more dietary fiber
o Excellent source of the protective nutrient ellagic acid found only in Cran-Max™ - not
in juice or most other products – because it comes from the fibrous part of the plant
• Patented delivery system protects delicate ingredients through the stomach until they reach
the intestinal tract for proper absorption
o Nutrients are then slowly released at the site of absorption for maximum efficiency
and benefit to patients
• Dosage is just ONE CAPSULE PER DAY – not the six to 12 capsules or 10 ounces of sugar-laden juice
• Free of corn, soy, yeast, wheat, egg and milk products
• Vegetarian

Cranberry has been used for hundreds of years in the maintenance of good health. Recent research has found it to be especially supportive in the maintenance of urinary tract health*. It is an excellent source of important protector nutrients, including organic acids, proanthocyanidins and other powerful antioxidant compounds. Here is why this special formula is different from other
cranberry products.

Advanced herbal delivery system™ Cran-Max™ processing provides a superior product. Unlike all other cranberry formulations, it is highly concentrated and processed in a unique low-heat, solvent-free, non-enzymatic environment which maintains more of the active components found in the whole cranberry. Many of these important nutrients can be easily damaged during processing and while passing through the stomach. Our patent-pending process results in a completely natural delivery system which protects delicate ingredients through the stomach until they reach the intestinal tract for proper absorption. This delivery system then slowly releases the ingredients at the site of absorption for maximum efficiency and utilization. Because of the advances provided by this delivery system, patients need to take JUST ONE CAPSULE PER DAY – not the usual six to 12 capsules or 10 ounces of sugar-laden juice.

Proprietary low-heat, solvent-free, non-enzymatic processing maintains a broader range of cranberry components. One of the components maintained in our product but removed from others is PECTIN. Our special patent-pending processing allows the pectin to form a “gel” once it is in the body. This gel protects delicate nutrients as they pass through the stomach where they are normally susceptible to destruction. Once in the intestinal tract, the protective pectin “gel” is slowly digested by intestinal enzymes resulting in the slow release of the cranberry nutrients. It is the slow release that makes this formulation more efficient and more effective -- resulting in a daily dose of just one capsule per day compared to the six to 12 of other formulas.

As a dietary supplement, one capsule per day with a large glass of water. Take between meals.
Keep out of the reach of children.

Red powder in a clear vegetarian capsule; 30 or 90 per bottle.

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Cran-Max™ is a trademark of Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. under license by Cape Cod Biolab