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More Than A Clinic

A Place of Peace & Healing


 Whole-Body Chiropractic Care

We believe in whole body wellness and gladly treat any age and occupation from newborns to geriatrics; general aches and pains to chronic conditions.


Nutritional Counseling

We identify & prioritize your health challenges in order to facilitate positive changes in the body and get to the root of the issue and benefit anyone who suffers from a chronic disease.


 Online Classes & Learning

We offer you tried and trued resources to maintain your health and transform your life. Online courses are in the works and will be available soon.


Supplements & Essential Oils

We can help identify any mineral & vitamin deficiencies and provide the highest quality supplements oils that your body will absorb.


Doctor: From the Latin word ‘docêre’ meaning ‘teacher’

Dr. Sally Brown

Chiropractor, Since 1995

Dr. Tera Pfarr

Chiropractor, since 2013

Meet our clinicians:

After completing the Doctorate of Chiropractic degree program, internship, externship, national board certification, state licensing, ongoing continuing education and being in private practice for these many years, our Chiropractors have earned the honorific title of “Doctor”. Now, they use their knowledge to help others and teach how to improve their lives and bodies.

On a daily basis, Dr. Sally and Dr. Tera listen, treat, counsel and heal with their hands. They reach out to the community offering nutritional education and open their clinic to be a place of peace and healing.

Our goal is to be the best chiropractors in Racine by providing chiropractic, rehabilitation, and nutritional services in a family-friendly environment where our complete focus is to serve you. We treat a wide range of pains and conditions and invite patients of all ages from newborn to patients in their nineties.


Kind words from those who trust us

AMAZING! Wonderful people who listen to you and are genuinely concerned about your pain. They treat you like family. I cannot say enough how wonderful Brown Family Chiropractic is – absolutely love this place and the results that I am having!

Chiropractic Services

5 / 5

I love coming to see these two lovely ladies. They are the best. I was in a car accident about 5 months ago. Doctors kept telling me nothing is wrong, it’s only wear and tear from aging. I knew better than that seeing all the pain I was in, not being to enjoy or live life, and most of all missing fun times with my children. Finally I went to see Dr. Clear field, who knew instantly what was wrong before he even examined me. He referred me to Dr. Sally brown chiropractor to see if it would help. I have never been to a chiropractor and I was at the point of really giving up on life in general. I came to Sally first and have been seeing her daughter Tera for about a month or so now. I couldn’t be more happy with the help and work they have given and done. After just 3 weeks of seeing them I started to be able to enjoy life and my kids again. I was happy with life and how the pain was going away. I still had my after a long day pain or sometimes waking up pain, but I was living life. That was until my second car accident 5 months exactly after the first one. The day after the accident I went to see Tera and boy was I a mess. It has been one week sense the second accident and I can say things are getting better already. I never would have thought I would ever get back to my life, but sense I have been coming to see them, I am finally able to start living my life and enjoying the good times with my family and friends, without the pain. I still have some pain but nothing compared to what it was. I am so appreciative and sometimes overwhelmed by joy and happiness of being able to get the help I need by awesome amazing people.

Chiropractic Services

5 / 5

I drove 1.5 hours to have my knee worked on for a few reasons. It felt like a hot knife was jammed in the middle and I could hardly walk. Dr. Tera and Dr. Sally fixed the other knee a couple of years ago. Most of the pain is gone now 3 days later. I will not go anywhere else! Back in a few days for follow up and thank you again Tera!

Chiropractic Services

5 / 5




Love this place. Started going there a week ago and they have changed how many hours of sleep I get a night , they changed my posture and even get rid of my headache. Only thing I wish they would do better is a longer appointment with the patient instead of a 20 min appointment it could be 35 min.

Chiropractic Services

5 / 5

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