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Natural Relief For Muscle Spasm and Pain

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It is advisable to discuss with your doctor before shifting from one pain reliever to the next in order to avoid adverse negative effects.

Scientific research has shown that muscle-related pain is becoming increasingly popular among people of not only old age but also in the younger population. Muscular pains are experienced when the muscles become tense, tight and hurt because of continuous contraction or strains in the muscles and joints. Outside of chiropractic care and physical therapy, numerous treatment options have been recommended, including natural and prescription medicine. While alternative or homeopathic medicine may be slower in terms of delivering the results, research has established that prescription drugs for muscle relaxation often come with adverse side effects. This is the reason many people are running away from prescription or over-the-counter solutions and choosing natural muscle relaxers and therapies to ease their muscle pain. Although it could be true that natural treatments come with side effects and have drug interactions, the effects are seldom serious – especially if the medicine is from a reputable supplier who uses high-quality ingredients.

Are muscle relaxers addictive?

While it is yet to be clinically proven, long-term use of certain muscle relaxers can be addictive. Therefore, to avoid any possible addiction, it is advisable to restrict the use of these medications to the short-term and consider food and lifestyle choices to reduce the chances and occurrence of muscle pains.

Best Natural alternatives to prescription muscle relaxers

Natural muscle relaxers are made from natural herbs and plants that feature pain-relieving properties. While these natural solutions take a bit longer, compared to over-the-counter drugs, herbal muscle relaxers offer a safer alternative because of their minimal and tolerable side effects. Are you struggling with muscle pain, spasms, back pain or neck pain? Are you afraid of the possible side effects of prescription medicine or simply want to try out natural options? Here are some natural muscle relaxers that you can try out to help reduce the pain you are going through.

Arnica Oil

This comes in the form of salves, pain balms, ointments, or oils all of which are formulated using homeopathic methods. It is particularly beneficial to treat exercise-related injuries, which is known to be the leading cause of inflammation and damage of the tissue and muscle cells. The major ingredient found in Arnica oil is Thymol, which is known to facilitate the repair of tissue exertion and damaged muscle tissues. They cause the vessels within the muscles to vasodilate hence facilitate the transfer of blood and other important body fluids. This helps to ensure that the damaged tissues are restored, especially where the cells or tissues have been damaged.

Formula 303

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A survey of doctors who have used Formula 303 in their practices daily for many years (the longest period of reported use by anyone doctor was 14 years) revealed that Formula 303 was 80-85% effective for the relief of muscle spasms, tension, stress, and insomnia. Formula 303 was considered by them to be the product of choice for these and related conditions.


Medical or pharmaceutical marijuana commonly known as CBD is becoming increasingly common, especially because of its therapeutic effect on the body. Science has shown that using pharmaceutical marijuana or cannabis that comes in the form of CBD Oil has the potential of treating aches and pain. The substance works by obstructing the neural transmission of pain and suppressing the brain receptors. This way, the pain is modulated, making a patient to feel relaxed and relieved. CBD oil and marijuana as muscle relaxants have proven extremely effective relievers of muscular pain and aches that cause discomfort. Despite its numerous benefits, CBD oil or marijuana is yet to gain approval in some jurisdictions. Therefore, it is important to check or ascertain the legality of CBD oil in your location before buying the treatment.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea features about 36 flavonoids that come with anti-inflammatory properties. It is especially helpful if the pain is due to anxiety or stress since it has soothing properties that relieve the pain. It causes instant relaxation, making one experience instant relief from pain and aches. It works well when it is properly massaged around the affected site to cause instant relief.


As a popular natural muscle relaxant, blueberry come with antioxidants as well as polyphenols, all of which play a crucial role in regeneration of muscle and tissue cells. This is why blueberries are known to treat muscle pain by enhancing regrowth of worn out tissues. They also heal damaged cells pretty fast by reducing inflammation. Additionally, taking blueberries regularly has shown to increase elasticity and overall physical fitness.

Things to Avoid to Reduce Muscle Pain

Alcohol and certain sugars are known to increase muscle cramps in addition to stress and bad postures among others. Therefore, you need to talk to your physician about which substances to avoid completely to reduce the chances of experiencing muscle fatigue. Choose the best natural muscle relaxer for back pain and combine them carefully to realize fast results with as few side effects as possible.