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Lecture Series — Remedies Relaxation

Anxiety: Remedies For Relaxation 02/07/19

Posted by Tera Pfarr on

Anxiety: Remedies for Relaxation. Lecture tonight brought to you by Healthy Spines Initiative of Wisconsin. Lecture Date: 2/7/2019, 6:30-7:30PMLocation: 6232 Bankers Rd, Lower Level, Racine, Wi 53405 Learn about the impact of anxiety and how it can be remedied. Donations may be given to Dr Tera’s non-profit Healthy Spines Initiative of Wisconsin to help continue providing free community healthy lectures and services for families in need – more info at Lecture Transcript (This transcript is un-edited and may contain spelling and punctuation errors) 00:01All right I am Dr. Tera Pfarr I am a chiropractor at Brown Family00:05Chiropractic and we are excited...

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