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8 Ways To Help Protect Your Liver Today

Posted by Tera Pfarr on

8 Ways To Help Protect Your Liver Today

The Role of the Liver in Detoxification

The liver is the main organ of detoxification in our bodies. Every other system in our body is compromised if our liver is not functioning properly. Most of the toxins we are exposed to are fat soluble and they are attracted to the fatty portion of cells throughout our body. Unfortunately, this attraction allows them to be easily transported into cells where they settle and exert their toxic effects. These toxins then stay in our system permanently and start to negatively affect various organs: including, liver, colon, kidney, heart, brain, lungs, skin and endocrine system (hormones).

A good detoxification program should assist the liver in changing harmful fat-soluble toxins into a water-soluble form so they can be easily eliminated from the system through the kidneys or colon. Supporting healthy detoxification will not only help to accomplish this but will also reduce incoming toxins into the body and boost the liver’s ability to eliminate stored toxins from tissues.

We also recommended a liver detox every 6 months to make sure your body is functioning optimally.

Here are 8 simple ways to reduce daily toxin exposure beginning today:

  1.  Restricting alcohol consumption
  2.  Minimizing or avoiding the use of potentially harmful acetaminophen or Tylenol (be sure to check labels, it’s found in many over-the-counter products!)
  3.  Attaining and maintaining your ideal weight
  4. Restricting your intake of fructose (sugar) from all sources to about 15 to 25 grams per day (avoid sweeteners in foods, fruit juices, dried fruits, and limit sugary fruits like grapes, pears, plums, and red apples)
  5. Avoiding or minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals like pesticides, cleansers, paints, and solvents
  6. Buying products packed in glass containers and limiting your use of plastics, including plastic wrap
  7. Adding liver-protective foods to your diet, like fermented vegetables, dark leafy green and cruciferous vegetables, “clean” sea vegetables, sprouts, artichokes, garlic and onions, avocados, berries, whey protein powder from grass-fed cows, and organic pastured eggs and grass-fed meat
  8. A liver detox program routinely to help “clean your filter” and help assist in better detoxification.


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