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Formula 303 90ct

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Relieve Painful Muscle Spasms the Natural Way. With Powerful FORMULA 303
FORMULA 303 Works FAST to Relieve:

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Pulled Muscles

  • Tight Muscles

  • Leg Cramps

  • Backache, Back Sprain

  • PMS, Menstrual Cramps

  • Tension and Stress Nervousness


  • Completely Safe--won't interfere with natural body chemistry.

  • Terrifically long shelf life enables you to take advantage of maximum discounts.

  • Maximum Strength Formula 303 is completely natural and effective. Contains Natural Valerian and Passiflora with Magnesium in our own proprietary Homeopathic Formula.

A survey of doctors who have used Formula 303 in their practices daily for many years (the longest period of reported use by anyone doctor was 14 years) revealed that Formula 303 was 80-85% effective for the relief of muscle spasms, tension, stress, and insomnia. Formula 303 was considered by them to be the product of choice for these and related conditions.

Comments From Doctors Surveyed

"Formula 303 is the only product I have used for the past ten years. I feel there is no better product and my patients love it."

"Formula 303 works better than any similar product I have used in 28 years of practice."

"I feel everyone can benefit from Formula 303, especially here in New York City where 'stress' is our middle name."

"Patients who have quite a bit of trouble with tension and headaches keep coming back for more so they will always have Formula 303 on hand."

"Formula 303 works better than anything else I've used for muscle spasms and insomnia."

"Formula 303 is extremely safe, beneficial and economical without any dangerous side-effects.  Personally, I have not worked with anything else as effective, safe and enthusiastically received by patients."

"The patients like Formula 303 as it doesn't slow their reflexes or make them drowsy."

"There is no 'hangover' effect, one can take Formula 303 and wake up feeling refreshed."