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Heal The Gut Supplement Bundle

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Protocol suggestion for healing the gut

Heal the gut heal the body course

General health
DHA junior (1/2 tsp in morning, 1/2 tsp at night)
Dynamic Fruits & Greens (20 servings of Fruits in vegetables to help balance diet) 1 scoop/day
  ~All kids can take this…helps get needed nutrients into body that we lack with the “Standard American Diet” (Aka SAD diet

Gut protocol:
Turmero (5mL, 2x/day)
Flora boost (probiotic, 1 scoop/day)
Gluta-shield (1/2 scoop/day) *powder
SBI protect (1/2 scoop/day) *powder
  ~Do this protocol for 6 months
  (I put flora boost, glutamates-shield and SBI all in smoothy with banana, frozen strawberries and 6 oz almond milk)

Eliminate (as much as possible) Gluten/Grains, cow dairy, refined sugar, Soy

~As we heal the gut, they will be eliminating toxins properly so make sure they are hydrating well.

Essential oils are also great…we can discuss that some other time :D

And don’t forget chiropractic adjustment to balance sympathetic/parasympathetic nervous systems. 

(There may be some heavy metal toxicity component to his autism…this will have to be evaluated and addressed down the road)